Heaven’s New Angel


There Is A new Angel In Heaven Today

Although I Had To Suffer The Pain

Of My Precious Dad Going Away!

I Will Always Miss Him…..

“Wondering Why He Had To Part?”

I Will Forever Hold His Memory

Deep Inside My Heart

I Will Always Be Grateful

For The Love We Shared

I Will Treasure His Memory

Every Day, Every Hour

In The Comfort Of His Love

I Will Always Be……

Knowing I Have A Special Angel

Watching Over Me!

In Loving Memory Of Gunter Kuwert

Who Received His Angel Wings 03/06/2010




In my 53 years I never met Uncle Gunter or Ruth. Even trips to NZ for work and both have had dinner at my house( while I was gone).

Gunter almost died in the POW camp, but a russian nurse manage to steel medicine to keep him alive. He tried to get as far away from Germany as possiable, after the terriable memories of the WAR!

Uncle Kurt ( Gunter’s Brother) had the roughest duty, as a solider he parachuted in Corsica at night with 80 guys. Their invasion was detected, all the support ships were sunk. Only10-20 guys survived the battle.

Later he was bicycling from area to another when a French resistance farmer figured he would BLAST him with a shotgun in the back as he road away. Kurt thought my shirt is bloody and feel I could pass out if I pedal faster. He turned back and caught the farmer and his buddies waving their arms talking about the big dumb German he just shot.

Kurt gave them a blast from his machine pistol, till it was quite. He rarely talked about it.

They were still picking shrapnel from Kurt’s back till the 70’s at Doctors visits.

My dad Hans J Kuwert ( Gunter’s Brother), was left behind at the shipyard at 15 yrs old ( required crew).

While the rest of the family fled to Sweden/Denmark. They all had a card with an Aunt’s address in Germany so if they got separated they  would meet there.


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